Coming Soon: Englisch Training im Action House Heidelberg

I just released my third and final video regarding the English Conversation Course I will be offering at Action House Starting in January.

Just to recap, here are all three videos, in chronological order (but if you don’t need a recap, just scroll down to the third video, and if you don’t feel like watching videos, just scroll down a bit further):

Action House Heidelberg bietet Englisch Training an

Englisch Training in Action House Heidelberg

Coming Soon: Englisch Training im Action House Heidelberg

In short, starting on Monday, January 3rd, at 6:00 pm, I will begin the English conversation course I’ve been so excited about the last few months.

The cost of the course is 50€ per month, which works out to either 10€ or 12.50€, depending on which month it is, and which day of the week we all agree on.  However, you may recall that I said in the second video that facebook users who helped us establish our presence on facebook (either by „liking“ our facebook page, sharing and commenting on our content, and suggesting our page to their friends) wouldn’t have to pay a thing for the first month.

That means that if you are a fan of our facebook page, or can prove that you’ve supported us in some way, you can get in for free.

If you’re not able to come on Monday the 3rd (or Mondays in general), write an email to ActionHouseHD @ Gmail . com and let me know what would be best for you.  (However, I do plan on discussing dates and times on the 3rd, so if you’ll be there, don’t worry about it.)

Now, if I’ve left anything out, or if you have any questions, please leave us a comment, write an email or otherwise get in contact with us.  Oh and–tell your friends.

See ya soon!

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