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It’s here: The oft-hyped, much-awaited Action House Film Department!

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In den nächsten Wochen beginnt bei uns im Action House eine neue Ära: Wir zeigen Euch, wie man Filme macht. Unsere derzeitige Planung sieht vor, dass wir zwei parallel laufende Kurse anbieten. Der erste Kurs ist etwas für Film-/ Kino-Liebhaber. Hier befassen wir uns mit den Anfängen des Films und den verschiedenen Phasen seiner Entwicklung. Wir analysieren eine Auswahl klassischer Meisterwerke, diskutieren den kulturellen und historischen Kontext und die Karrieren der bekanntesten Filmschauspieler und Filmemacher.

Dieser Kurs ist als Theoriekurs konzipiert, aber Theorie alleine ist einfach nicht genug, weshalb wir parallel dazu einen Filmproduktionskurs anbieten. Dieser Kurs führt Euch anschaulich durch alle Phasen der Produktion. Ihr könnt also das Filmemachen von Anfang bis Ende lernen. Wir zeigen Euch, wie man Drehbuch und Storyboard schreibt, wie Kostenplanung, Bildkomposition, Kameraführung, Filmschnitt usw. ablaufen.

Das Beste zum Schluss: Zusätzlich zu diesen beiden Kurse möchten wir einen Kurzfilmwettbewerb ausschreiben! Näheres erfahrt Ihr regelmäßig auf diesem Blog/ im Newsletter/auf Facebook etc.

Auf jeden Fall freuen wir uns sehr über diese neuen Entwicklungen und hoffen auf Eure rege Beteiligung.

Vorbesprechung für alle Interessenten im Action House (Bergheimer Str. 131) am Samstag, den 15. Okt. um 20 Uhr. Wer nicht kommen kann, aber Interesse an einem oder beiden Filmkursen hat, bitte per Mail Bescheid geben:actionhousehd@gmail.com

In the coming weeks, Action House will add a film department to our repertoire. As currently planned, we will be leading two courses in tandem. One course will be a film appreciation course, in which we will learn about film history, examining the early beginnings of film and going through the various stages of the development of film, deconstructing and analyzing a choice selection of classic film masterpieces, discussing the cultural and historical circumstances surrounding them, and studying the careers of noteworthy and significant persons of interest.

This course could be described as a course in film theory, but theory alone is just not enough, which is why we’re also offering a parallel course teaching film production. This second course will take you through all the steps of preproduction, production and post production so you can learn filmmaking from start to finish. We will discuss scriptwriting, storyboarding, budgeting, shot composition, camera techniques, editing, and other similar topics.

In addition to these two courses, we have some other goodies in store for you. We’re really excited to see how this develops, although that will largely depend on your involvement and commitment. At the moment, we imagine we’ll be hosting several short film competitions, as well as other live film events, and perhaps even a few web shows.

These extras are open to everyone. Even if you don’t sign up for either (or both) of the film courses, you can participate in the other elements of the Action House Film Department, but keep in mind that a little extra knowledge might give you a distinct advantage over those not signed up for class. Whatever the case may be, we’re really looking forward to these new developments and we hope that you’ll join us in making it all happen. To that end, we’d like to invite you to a preliminary meeting at Action House to discuss everything in greater detail. Please come to Action House (Bergheimerstr. 131) on Saturday the 15th of October at 8:00 in the evening. (If you can’t make it, please let us know anyway that you’re interested in the Film Department and we’ll keep you informed.)


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Sticky: Action House Heidelberg bietet Englisch Training an!

Check out this video and keep your eyes out for the next.  I’m SO THRILLED about this, and you’ll see why.

There are subtitles in the video, but here’s a transcript:

Hi this is Chad from Action House Heidelberg.
If you don’t know about Action House Heidelberg, I gotta tell ya, you’re really missing out on something cool.  Action House Heidelberg offers temporary studio space to creative people in the Heidelberg area, whether that means artists looking for a place to create, exhibit, or sell their art, entrepreneurs who need a desk, an internet connection and some basic office supplies, or people wishing to teach (or learn) new creative skills.
I myself am getting ready to offer an English course, and to tell you the truth, I think this is gonna be pretty spectacular.  Now, even if improving your English doesn’t interest you, I ask that you watch this video to the end, because I have something special in store for you that I believe will blow you away.  But first, let me tell you about the course.
Starting in the beginning of January, I’m going to set aside an hour a week to help you with your English. It’s going to be a very stress-free, easy course emphasizing conversational English in a group. No textbooks, no homework, just English conversation.  You see, most people don’t have any trouble UNDERSTANDING English, but when it comes to SPEAKING, they can’t seem to put the words together correctly and keep up with the conversation.
The reason why practicing conversational English is important is, any language you learn gets picked up through repeated exposure to that language. The reason I speak English as well as I do is because I experienced the language quite a bit.  Massive amounts of English input is how I learned English, and in this course, it’s how you’ll be learning English too.  As a language learner, once you’ve gotten the right amount of input, you start to develop an intuitive feeling of what is right and what isn’t, and you can learn to trust your intuition.  My role isn’t as a teacher or an instructor of some sort, but more like a guide or a coach.
What you’ll get is the opportunity to get English input which will be helpful in building your passive vocabulary, and the chance to speak English with the other participants and with me, which helps shift your passive vocabulary to active vocabulary.  I can also offer you guidance and correction, and I promise the topics will be interesting and thought-provoking.  Potential topics I’m interested in discussing might be global or local politics, short film, sociology, history, subculture, music, poetry, literature, or creativity, but since this is a conversation, you can also feel free to bring up anything that interests you.
Now, I’m recording this in English because I want to make sure that the people who decide to come to this will be people that already understand English pretty well.  Just so we’re clear, this event would be inappropriate for someone who has a lower level of English comprehension, so if you don’t quite understand everything I’m saying here, this is not the right course for you.
One other thing, the price of this course is much lower than anything similar you can find from any other language school in the area, and if you’re on facebook, I’ve got an extra bonus for you.  In my next video, I’m gonna tell you exactly how you can join this course for a whole month and not pay a cent. And remember, even if you don’t take this English course, I’m gonna make it worth your while.  If you go through the process I show you in my next video, even if you don’t attend the English course, I’ll make sure you know how much I appreciate it.  I can’t tell you enough how excited I am about this, and I hate to tease you like this, but watch my next video and I promise I’ll lay it all out on the table, because I’m sure that you’ll share my enthusiasm.
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