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We Started a BLOG!

And here it is. Please help us spread the word!

A little bit about us:

Action House Heidelberg is collaborative working space for creatively and artistically-minded people (and those who would like to be).  We want to support young artists and entrepreneurs as they shape the face of the community. In addition to offering creative space, we offer training courses, workshops, seminars and so on in various creative areas, including fashion design, video production, language training, music, and graphic design, among others.  So if you want to expand your kreativität, we’re just what you’re looking for.

There are multiple ways you can tell the world about us:
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If you’re REALLY on fire to help us out, and especially if you live near Heidelberg, Germany, let us know and we’ll be glad to arrange something!

Stay awesome, and Keep a lookout for more to come!

And just for good measure, here’s one final EXCLAMATION POINT!

Oh, and here are some additional articles floating around the internet for you to check out…

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The Economic and Social Impact of Kreativität

Since we posted such long videos last time, we thought we’d continue with a couple more rather long videos dealing with the importance of „kreativität“ in our time.

As mentioned in our previous update, since these two videos are quite long, it’s a good idea to bookmark this page, although we strongly recommend that you also subscribe to our free updates through our RSS feed.  Other ways to stay updated include following Action House on Twitter or becoming a fan on Facebook.

Our videos feature a man named Richard Florida who is probably best known for his book, „The Rise Of the Creative Class“ (which I highly recommend).

These two videos are about an hour each, and the content is very similar, so if you only wish to watch one, I think the second is the better choice, as it’s more polished and easier to understand.  However, both videos are quite good, and I recommend watching both (and taking notes!) if you can.

I do also have to mention that the videos are a bit American-centric, but there’s no reason why we can’t extract principles we can apply to our own region.

When I consider what Richard Florida has to say about how creativity affects PLACES, I can’t help but think back to a thesis paper I once wrote.  In it, I explained how certain events in German history changed the cultural identity of our city, Heidelberg.

A Lesson From History
When Napoleon won the battle of Jena-Auerstedt in 1806, he decided to close the University there.  However, the University of Heidelberg was allowed to stay open because of what was called the Confederation of the Rhine.  (This basically meant that the people who lived near the Rhine were required to provide their sons to Napoleon’s army, and in exchange, they were granted certain amenities.)  At that time there were not many Universities in Germany, and when the University of Jena was shut down, it created a migration of students to Heidelberg.  This gathering of young minds sparked new ideas in art, politics, and culture, and effectively turned Heidelberg into the epicenter of the Romantic Movement in Germany in the 19th century.  From this movement came the first student groups (called Burschenschaften) and ultimately, a composite image of the national German identity was formed, culminating with the formation of the German Empire in 1871.

This is our cultural heritage.

We believe that by training people to develop their creativity, we are having a direct impact on the social and economic vibrancy of our region.  This is why we do what we do, because „kreativität“ is crucially important.

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Prof. Gesa Ziemer über Kultur und Kreativität

Video Series:Kreativität und Innovation in Heidelberg (3 of 6)
See also:
10. Heidelberger Stadtgespräch über Innovation + Kreativität (1 of 6)
Wolf Lotter über Kultur, Kreativität und … (2 of 6)

Prof. Gesa Ziemer über Kultur und Kreativität

About this video, from the YouTube description:

Skype-Interview mit Prof. Dr. Gesa Ziemer
Professorin für Kulturtheorie an der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Die folgende Aufnahme entstand im Rahmen des Heidelberger Stadtgesprächs Kultur + Kreativität mit Gästen aus Kultur, Politik und Wirtschaft über die „kreative Klasse, über Konsequenzen und Potenziale für eine moderne Stadt. Liveam 9. Mai 2008 in Heidelberg, Halle_02.

Prof. Dr. Gesa Ziemer Gesa Ziemer (Prof. Dr.).
Studium Philosophie, Ethnologie und Neue Geschichte an den Universitäten Hamburg und Zürich. 2006 Promotion Universität Potsdam zum Thema plurimediale Ästhetik. Parallel zur Universität freie Kuratorin von Projekten an der Schnittstelle Theorie und Theater an internationalen Theater Festivals (u.a. Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Theaterformen Hannover/Braunschweig, Steirischer Herbst Graz).

An der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste: Professorin im Bereich Kulturtheorie/Ästhetik. Interdisziplinäre Forschungsprojekte zwischen Kunst, Kulturtheorie und Kreativwirtschaft. Seit 2006 Leitung des Projektes Komplizenschaft – Arbeit in Zukunft.

Seit 2008 Gastprofessur HafenCity University Hamburg im Bereich Stadtentwicklung. Konzeptgruppe Studiengang Kultur der Metropolen.

Veröffentlichungen in diversen Medien (Auswahl):

* Publikation, Verletzbare Orte. Entwurf einer praktischen Ästhetik.Berlin/Zürich 2008. * Filme, Komplizenschaften (mit Barbara Weber) 2007, Augen blickeN (mit Gitta Gsell) 2005. * Performative Hausbespielungen, u.a. Schauspielhaus Zürich Drei Kurze Nächte der Komplizen und Re-location zum Thema Gesundheit (mit Matthias von Hartz). Drei Spielfeldforschungen zu den Themen Kontrolle, Beziehungen und Utopien (mit Florian Malzacher).

Bilder: Creative Commons auf flickr, Suchbegriff „Zürich“. Danke an rebeccaundpedro, schoschie, cumen, Qtea, Tine & Hagen Graf und den anderen: Chapeau!

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Kreativität lohnt sich

es dampft aus allen röhren der Action House maschine. der blog nimmt langsam aber sehr gründlich seine form an, meetings für die kommenden wochen werden festgesetzt, eine neue kollektion von ledertaschen und lederclutchs ist in der mache der Nähköniginnen, Jelly hat wieder offiziell begonnen und was uns am meisten begeisert: der samstag abend wurde zur offiziellen Action House planstelle reserviert. kreativität ist echt ein einsatz, der sich lohnt.

in den kommenden tagen werden wir euch über aktuelle events informieren.

dies war nur kurz mein wort zum dienstag.

All pistons are pumping in the Action House Machine.  The Blog is slowly taking form, meetings for the coming weeks are being arranged, a new assortment of leather clutches and purses are being produced for Naehkoenigin.de, Jelly started up again after the summer, and what’s got us all most excited, Saturday evenings have been set aside for Action House: The Meeting.  Creativity is really worth your time and consideration.

In the coming days, we’ll let you know more about our upcoming events.

That’s what I have to say for Tuesday.

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11. Heidelberger Stadtgespräche, Innovation & Kreativität, 1. Teil

Video Series:Kreativität und Innovation in Heidelberg (4 of 6)

See also:
10. Heidelberger Stadtgespräch über Innovation + Kreativität
(1 of 6)
Wolf Lotter über Kultur, Kreativität und … (2 of 6)
Prof. Gesa Ziemer über Kultur und Kreativität (3 of 6)

11. Heidelberger Stadtgespräche, Innovation & Kreativität, 1. Teil

About this video, from the YouTube description:

Diesmal geht es um Kultur in Heidelberg und der Metropolregion. Visionen, Strategien, Politik und Marketing. Gäste auf dem Podium sind Pascal Baumgärtner, Stadtrat · generation.hd, Johan Holten, Direktor · Heidelberger Kunstverein, Christian, Hübel, Strategische Steuerung · Stadt Mannheim, Manfred Metzner, Verleger · Das Wunderhorn, Thorsten Schmidt, Festivalleiter · Heidelberger Frühling
Peter Spuhler, Intendant · Theater und Philharmonisches Orchester der Stadt Heidelberg, Dr. Eckart Würzner, Oberbürgermeister · Stadt Heidelberg. Moderation: Ingrid Thoms-Hoffmann, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, Frank Zumbruch, komplizen.com.

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