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We Started a BLOG!

And here it is. Please help us spread the word!

A little bit about us:

Action House Heidelberg is collaborative working space for creatively and artistically-minded people (and those who would like to be).  We want to support young artists and entrepreneurs as they shape the face of the community. In addition to offering creative space, we offer training courses, workshops, seminars and so on in various creative areas, including fashion design, video production, language training, music, and graphic design, among others.  So if you want to expand your kreativität, we’re just what you’re looking for.

There are multiple ways you can tell the world about us:
1. Interact with us.  Like, Tweet, or share our forward entries to all of your friends (and we also welcome your comments)!

2. Get automatic updates through RSS to your favorite feed reader!

3. Follow us on Twitter (@ActionHouseHD)!

4. Become a fan of our Facebook Page!

5. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

If you’re REALLY on fire to help us out, and especially if you live near Heidelberg, Germany, let us know and we’ll be glad to arrange something!

Stay awesome, and Keep a lookout for more to come!

And just for good measure, here’s one final EXCLAMATION POINT!

Oh, and here are some additional articles floating around the internet for you to check out…

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Kreativität lohnt sich

es dampft aus allen röhren der Action House maschine. der blog nimmt langsam aber sehr gründlich seine form an, meetings für die kommenden wochen werden festgesetzt, eine neue kollektion von ledertaschen und lederclutchs ist in der mache der Nähköniginnen, Jelly hat wieder offiziell begonnen und was uns am meisten begeisert: der samstag abend wurde zur offiziellen Action House planstelle reserviert. kreativität ist echt ein einsatz, der sich lohnt.

in den kommenden tagen werden wir euch über aktuelle events informieren.

dies war nur kurz mein wort zum dienstag.

All pistons are pumping in the Action House Machine.  The Blog is slowly taking form, meetings for the coming weeks are being arranged, a new assortment of leather clutches and purses are being produced for Naehkoenigin.de, Jelly started up again after the summer, and what’s got us all most excited, Saturday evenings have been set aside for Action House: The Meeting.  Creativity is really worth your time and consideration.

In the coming days, we’ll let you know more about our upcoming events.

That’s what I have to say for Tuesday.

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